Artist Field 

Artist Field is an experimental platform for diverse artistic investigation of natural environments, ecology, landscape, water bodies, astronomy, botany, myth, ritual. We organize projects, artist residencies, and publish artist books via Another Earth


An area rich in nature / land used for study and cultivation / A place where a subject of scientific study or of artistic representation can be observed in its natural location or context / A space within which objects are visible from a particular viewpoint / The region in which a particular condition prevails, especially one in which a force or influence is effective regardless of the presence or absence of a material medium / A space on which something is projected / An area viewed through an optical lens. It is magnetic, gravitational.

Overnight Projects 
2015 - 2019

An arts organization pre-occupied by navigating existing bureaucratic structures is no longer one that embodies radical intentions.

Overnight Projects was artist-run curatorial concept that organized experiential installations in revolving locations. Notable past sites include an 1800s orphanage, a defunct coal-plant, a 1950s lakeside motel, and a cornfield on the cusp of reverting back to a wetland. In its five years of operation, 2015-2019, Overnight Projects organized 13 exhibitions with local, regional, and international artists.
Overnight Projects was founded by Vermont artists Abbey Meaker and Sarah O Donnell in 2015. In 2017, Rachel Jones, Meara McGinniss, and Sadie Williams joined Meaker to run the organization through its final exhibition in October 2019. 

In November of that year, we decided that Overnight Projects had come to a natural conclusion with its final show, Liminal States, a two-channel video installation by Maya Jeffereis and Elliott Katz. The end of Overnight Projects marked the beginning of Artist Field, a new and more specific mode of responding to place, this time with a focus on natural environments.