Overnight Projects 
Daybooks: A screening of 16mm films by Jon Beacham 

Overnight Projects presents a screening of silent 16mm films by Kingston, New York-based artist Jon Beacham. The screening will be held at an historic hay barn at private residence on Shelburne Farms. 

The Last Roll of Kodachrome  - 3 min  2007
Daybooks  - 9min  2017
Film for Violet  - 7 min  2017

All films are 16mm silent, color. Program running time: 20 minutes

The Last Roll of Kodachome
The last roll of this wonderful film stock which went through the artist's Bolex before Kodak shamefully pulled the plug on its production. Initially intended for a project, but upon viewing was decided to be kept in its original format as an unedited camera roll. An exercise in process and the idea of 'first thought, best thought'. Shot during the Summer of 2007 while living in the Catskills of upstate NY.

Shot primarily in Kingston.
Out walking.
Looking at the things which hold oneself.

Film for Violet
A Portrait of of the artist's grandmother Violet's house and Lake Erie. Shot in Euclid Ohio, slowly over the course of three years. Golden light and the calm of the lake. A film about an interior.

Jon Beacham runs the publishing imprint The Brother in Elysium. The press issues books, artist editions, multiples and ephemera, using the forms of letterpress printing, hand bookbinding, collage and color photography. The Brother In Elysium also runs a 16mm film series, screening prints in non-theatre venues. Established in 2009, the press has operated from multiple locations in New York State. It currently resides in Kingston, NY.

Libraries and institutions which collect artwork and publications by the press include:

MoMA Library
Emory University
Yale University – Beinecke Library
Stanford University
University at Buffalo
NYPL – Berg Collection
UC Berkeley – Bancroft Library
University of Arizona Poetry Center
Kent State University
University of Delaware
RIT – Cary Collection
Simon Fraser University
Smith College