Artist Field
Weather Events 

A curatorial project that became a book (Signals) presenting the images and words of 30 artists and writers as messages received from a beautiful and strained planet. Organized into elemental chapters – earth, fire, water, wind – the works coalesce around weather events from the devastating to the mundane, offering a collective portrait of reciprocity and communication between self, earth, and environment.

Artists: Dylan Haustor, Daniel Fleitas, Camila Valdés, Vojtech Veskrna, Gaspar Abrilot, Henry Tyson, Susan Clarahan, Chelsea Call, Ben Currotto, Tommy Nease, Rodolfo Muñoz, Parker Stewart, Tyler Muzzin, Tal Ben Avi, Ali Beşikçi, Catlin Johnson, Sebastien Arrighi, Sharon Castellanos, Paloma Palomino, Sean Peeters, Keith Gray, Max LaBelle, Leah Beeferman, John Watts, Helen Kohnke, Andy Becker, Adam Ianniello, Elijah Barrett, Lindsay Godin, DJ Hellerman